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Looking for a job in the Equestrian world

Horses and passion are inseparable ; for many it is a dream to work with these animals night and day. Eurohorsegrooms is here to help you realize your dreams. Before you decide to pursue a career in the equestrian world, it is important to know what this lifestyle demands. This to prevent any disappointment, as perception often differs from reality. A full-time job in the equine-sector is very different to working and keeping your own horse, or occasionally helping out at your local yard.

Besides a fulltime job it is possible to search for a part-time job for instance. Perhaps you would like to work in the weekends only, or you are interested in an internship in a tack store or stallion stud. Our vacancies are national and international and in various disciplines. These examples are just a few possibilities what Eurohorsegrooms has to offer. When you fill in your profile as extensively as possible, you increase your opportunities considerably. It is also very important to fill in good references, whether in de equestrian industry or not.

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Would you like to be able to use the facilities of our website, like viewing matching vacancies? Then fill in the registration form and add your complete CV, references, pictures and videos to your profile. You have to pay a fee of € 9.95 each 6 months for using the website and you will stay updated about the newest vacancies. After six months you will be removed of the site automatically, or you can extend your membership. This way we prevent registered people who wonít fill in there profile seriously or who are already provided with work.

We wish you good luck and fun with looking for a job! When you still have any questions, donít hesitate to contact us!

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