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This site is devoted to helping both those offering and seeking employment. We understand how frustrating complex websites can be, and have therefore concentrated on keeping Eurohorsegrooms as simple and "to the point” as possible.

How we operate
To register to Eurohorsegrooms please click below. After registration is completed, direct access to suitable candidates is granted.

· Social Media integration, candidates will see everything on Facebook and Twitter
· Running banner of your company on Eurohorsegrooms
· Instant view the profiles of matching candidates
· Unlimited add new vacancies
· When required contact candidates directly
· Easy search options

The annual registration fee is 250 euro (ex. VAT) . In return you are entitled to a full year of our services at Eurohorsegrooms, with unlimited placement of vacancies! If you are in need of personnel you are ALWAYS welcome to contact us, may it be for a weekend assist or for a full-time job! You are given the opportunity to become acquainted with possible candidates during a trial period. Once your profile is completed, all suitable grooms and/or riders will be matched accordingly. Direct contact with suitable candidates is possible if desired, or candidates may be contacted by Eurohorsegrooms on your behalf. We strive to match suitable candidates to individual profiles.

We hope you have been sufficiently informed about our services, and look forward to working with you in the near future!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us : tel nr.: +31 495 524 380 or e-mail:

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