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What you need to know..

Eurohorsegrooms is a recruitment agency between employers and employees.
We will do our utmost to provide clients of work and staff.
Eurohorsegrooms is not in any way responsible for stealing, accidents, incorrect data and other discomfort.

Employers have to pay € 250 each year.
It includes:
Social Media integration, candidates will see everything on Facebook and Twitter
Running banner of your company on Eurohorsegrooms
Free link of Eurohorsesales and Eurohorsemaps for Dutch companies
Instant view the profiles of matching candidates
Unlimited add new vacancies
When required contact candidates directly
Easy search functions
One copy of the Agenda Hippique

Employees have to pay € 9.95 every six months
It includes:
Newsletters of all vacancies
Immediate overview of all companies and their vacancies
Creating an expended profile
50% discount on the Agenda Hippique
(prices are ex VAT)